Estimation of link stability for Ad-hoc routing algorithms

Estimation of link stability for Ad-hoc routing algorithms
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[Referat wygłoszony na: 10th International Scientific Conference Communication and Information Technologies (KIT 2019),  09-11.10.2019 r. Tatranske Zruby, Słowacja]

DOI: 10.23919/KIT.2019.8883503

Abstract: The efficiency of MANET network largely depends on the routing mechanism, often working in hightopology-change conditions. It leads to communication interruptions and consequently to delays and data loss. The article presents the concept of routing using metrics based on estimation of connection time between nodes. This solution makes it possible to build routing paths consisting of the most reliable nodes and leads to early reaction to topology changes. The article also describes the results of simulation tests done on modified routing protocol with different estimated link metrics.

Keywords: routing, MANET, ad-hoc, link stability

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