The results of transmission tests of polish broadband SDR radios

The results of transmission tests of polish broadband SDR radios
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Polak Rafał, Laskowski Dariusz
Electronic ISBN: 978-80-8040-550-2, DVD ISBN: 978-80-8040-545-8, Print on Demand(PoD) ISBN: 978-1-5386-2919-2
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[Referat wygłoszony na: konferencji  Communication and Information Technologies (KIT), Słowacja, Tatranske Zruby, 04-06.10.2017 r.] (IEEE Conference Publications)

Abstract: The widespread need for radio broadband services (such as video broadcasting) requires the use of radio that is capable to deliver such services. Unfortunately, beside benefits of using broadband radios (higher bit rates) there are also disadvantages, ie less range of operation in comparison to the narrowband radios range and less resistance to jamming (broadband operation results in increase of detection sensitivity and jamming susceptibility). This article presents the state of work on the military broadband waveform that enables coalition work between radio transceivers provided by different manufacturers (areas difficult to standardize) The state of work on the Polish broadband SDR (Software Defined Radio), evaluation of its performances and test results that were conducted both in a laboratory and real-environment is presented. The results of tests reveal high potential use of this radio in BMS (Battlefield Management System).

Keywords:  Software Defined Radio SDR, WBWF, BMS, wideband radios


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